Videos From IRATA Rope Access Trainings and Related

February 2014 IRATA Training

Drop tests of Dyneema and nylon slings

January 2014 IRATA Training

November 2013 IRATA Course

The New Petzl ASAP

Working On Ropes – Training

International Rope Access Work – Certification

Working at Height courses

IRATA Rope Access Training Bulgaria

Rope Access Qualification

IRATA Courses Romania

Diagonal Tensioned Line at the worksite IRATA

Difficulties During the Course

IRATA Descent Rescue – Level 1 Maneuver

IRATA Cross Hauling – Team Exercise Utilizing Pulley Systems

NATE Wind Turbine/Tower Evacuation Simulation

Rescue of a Workmate from Aid Climbing – Using Extra Ropes

Descent Snatch Rescue for Level 1